Goran Stajic

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Coaching History: Euro FC, Bassendean Caledonians Jnrs, Guildford Grammar, Morley Windmills 18s, Balcatta FC 16s & 18s, Inglewood United 18s, Wesley College, Perth Glory 13s, 14s & 20s, Australian Men’s Paralympic Team, Balcatta FC Seniors,

Playing history: Western Yugal, Bayswater Inter, Dianella Serbia, Cracovia

Position you played as a junior: Midfield

Coaching aims for season 2019: To continue the Balcatta FC climb and win silverware…

Coaching aims: Ambition is to coach in the A League and or Asia

Who has had the biggest influence on your coaching career: My wife Maria but equal with Leo Marrochi who was the most influential coach…

Favourite player to watch: Zidane

Favourite team: Reds Star Belgrade

Dream player to coach and why: Luka Modric cause he reminds me of me as a player and what I could’ve become…

Dream team to coach and why: I am currently coaching my dream team of players

Best experience in football: There are so many but as a senior coach, the final game of the season which happened to be a relegation game against Mandurah was an amazing experience regardless of the result.

Best ground visited: Rajko Mitic Stadium (Marakana) – Red Star Belgrade’s Stadium

Favourite movie: Blood In, Blood Out, Release Date April 16, 1993 (180 minutes)

Favourite musician/band: Bon Jovi

Favourite holiday destination: Peloponnese, Greece

If they were to make a movie based on your life, who would play you:  George Clooney