MERGERS Balcatta Etna merged with East Fremantle Tricolore and Perth Azzurri in 1988 to form Perth Italia
Balcatta re-formed their seniors again in 1991
PREVIOUSLY KNOWN AS Balcatta Etna (1977-1987)
1978 6th Third Division D. Rutigliani
1979 9th Third Division D. Rutigliani
1980 2nd Third Division D. Rutigliani
1981 1st Second Division J.Griffiths
1982 3rd First Division H.Mankowski
1983 6th First Division P.Gangemi
1984 8th First Division Jim Coles
1985 7th First Division Jim Coles
1986 5th First Division Jim Coles
1987 4th First Division Jim Coles
1988 Not in Competition
1989 Not in Competition
1990 Not in Competition
1991 13th Second Division Gary Hooper
1992 9th Second Division (PSL) Sauro Iozzelli
1993 Not in Competition
1994 2nd Second Division Steve Sumner
1995 7th First Division Steve Sumner
1996 10th First Division Steve Sumner
1997 9th First Division Fred Broadley
1998 6th First Division Bruno Serra
1999 4th First Division Bruno Serra
2000 11th First Division Richard McGinn
2001 11th First Division Richard McGinn
2002 9th First Division Rick Davis
2003 12th First Division Fred Broadley
2004 8th First Division Basil Lenzo
2005 3rd First Division Basil Lenzo
2006 4th First Division Basil Lenzo
2007 10th First Division Basil Lenzo
2008 6th First Division Salv Todaro
2009 1st First Division Salv Todaro
2010 8th Premier League Salv Todaro
2011 3rd Premier League Michael Roki
2012 6th Premier League Michael Roki
2013 9th Premier League Michael Roki / Saul Contera
2014 3rd National Premier Leagues WA Ramon Falzon
2015 6th National Premier Leagues WA Ramon Falzon
2016 8th National Premier Leagues WA Marc Anthony
2017 13th National Premier Leagues WA Salv Todaro
2018 National Premier Leagues WA Goran Stajic